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All contests will take place under the big white tent in S.A.L.S.A's booth. Their block will be located between Center and South Broadway, and events there include Contests, Loteria, a DJ, Bingo, a raffle and a street dance later in the evening.

Jalapeno Eating Contest

Can you take the heat? We challenge you to this year's Jalapeño Eating Contest. 

El Grito Contest


A pivotal tradition of Cinco de Mayo is honoring "El Grito de Dolores." Known colloquially as "El Grito," it's the famous battle cry from September 1810 uttered by Miguel Hidalgo that kicked off the War for Independence. Let's here your battle cry! 

Salsa Contest

Blue White Illustrated Walk Desktop Wallpaper.png

Salsa lovers - this one is for you! Let's see who can whip up the best salsa recipe!

Salsa contest drop-off from 4PM-6PM

Winner announcement from 6:30PM-7PM

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