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Events Schedule

Ingram/Vulcan and Kirbo's Office Systems Center Stage


 5:30PM Bob Brewer 

 6:15PM Hunter Cox

 6:45PM Priscilla Kay

 7:15PM Andres and Marcus Reyes

 7:45PM Singing Contest 

 8:00PM Mariachi Los Toros

 8:30PM Hayden and Chris

 9:00PM Cadillac Thieves

 10:30PM Hazienda Norteña

Fuzzy's and Texas Bank Stage

5:30PM Hunter Cox 

6:00PM Priscilla Kay

6:30PM Mariachi Los Toros

7:00PM Singing Contest

7:15PM Singing Contest 

7:30PM The Remedy

8:45PM Andres and Marcus Reyes

9:15PM Mariachi Los Toros

9:30PM Ariel Hutchins


Stone's Grove and Digger's Diamond Electric Stage

5:30PM Andres and Marcus Reyes

6:00PM Chris Nowell

6:30PM Bob Brewer

7:00PM Hayden and Chris

7:30PM Backyard Boys

8:45PM Mariachi Los Toros

9:00PM Jeremiah & Blu Haze


Visit Brownwood and Visit Early Family Stage

5:30PM Mariachi Los Toros

6:00PM Dance Contest

6:30PM Dance Contest 

7:00PM Early Belles

7:30PM Early Cheer Team

7:45PM Dance Contest

8:00PM Dance Contest

8:30PM Brownwood Lionettes

8:45PM Dance Contest

Waldrop Construction and Lyric Theatre Stage

5:30PM  Mexico 2000 Ballet Folklorico

6:30PM  Mariachi Los Toros

7:30PM  Mexico 2000 Ballet Folklorico

8:30PM  Mariachi Los Toros



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