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Events Schedule

Creative Solutions in Healthcare- Vulcan Materials/Ingram Enterprises (Center Stage)

1:00PM DJ

2:30PM Azteca Ballet

3:00PM DJ

4:15PM Sahawe Dancers

5:30PM Mo Y Su Conjunto

6:45PM Corazon De Tejas

8:00PM Sonora Dinamita

Visit Brownwood- Feels Like Home and Texas Bank Stage (in front of Fuzzy's)

1:00PM Jason Wade and Hwy 6

3:00PM Joe Lee Duio

3:30PM Sahawe Dancers

5:00PM Los Compadres Trio

6:00PM Corazon de Tejas

6:45PM The Remedy

8:00PM Jaydon Ezra

8:30PM Bri Bagwell


Stone's Grove/Digger's Diamond Electric Stage -Visit Brownwood Feels Like Home Stage (in front of Stone's Grove)

1:00PM DJ

4:00PM Los Compadres

5:00PM Southern Salt

6:00PM Andres and Marcus Reyes

6:30PM Cadillac Thieves

9:00PM Cade Holiday Band


Visit Brownwood- Feels Like Home and Visit Early Visit Often Family Stage (in front of Brownwood Music)

5:00PM Brownwood Music Students

6:00PM Brownwood Music Student Band

7:00PM Bob Brewer and Roy Goodgion

7:45PM Queen Fitness

8:00PM Troy Grusendorf 

Lyric Theatre Stage

2:00PM Sahawe Dancers

3:30PM Azteca Ballet

5:00PM Corazon de Tejas

6:00PM Los Compadre

Creative Solutions in Healthcare- Moore Printing Celebration Area (Salsa Area)

1:00PM DJ

2:00 PM Scholarships

3:00PM DJ

4:00PM-6:00PM Loteria

6:00PM Individual (no restaurant entry) Salsa Contest

6:00PM-10:00PM Street Dance/DJ

Visit Early/Visit Often Mechanical Bull (Fuzzy's Taco Shop Parking Lot)



Andy's Pest Troopers- Waldrop Construction Children's World




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